Three Non-Meta cells

I have made 3 cells that don’t follow teh meta of being a generalist, these cells are specialists in what they do (and 2 of them would work for Multicellular Stage)

First up, a small pack hunter, the:

This cell stays in the sun most of the time to build up glucose reserves/ATP then goes hunting at night to get other compounds, they stay in pack (4-16) in the day and stay in those packs at night. If this cell was an NPC Cell it would most likely be used to hunt AFK Plant Players. The patches it stays in are: The Tidepool and Estuary.
(Default Chitin and fully rigid, will not form a colony unless it is necessary)

Next, an AFK Plant type, the:

This rather large cell is the first one to have a fully fluid membrane (silicus) and is the definition of AFK Plant Cells, these cells stay in small groups of two to three individuals in a close grid to ward away larger cells. This cell stays in sunspots to photosynthesize and rarely move, this is to keep as much ATP as possible, and when night falls they simply wait it out. the only weakness in this cell is OxyToxin Hunting cells, so if you (somehow) see these in their natural habitat (coast and estuary) be sure to kill them for a large boast in your Glucose and ATP!
(fully fluid and will form colonies)
And last, because they are the largest, we have the:
This cell takes AFK to a whole new level, along with the term terravore, this absolute mess of parts reside in caves living the simple life by sitting next to iron and hydrogen. If they move they WILL die, how did they get there? No one knows, but they can at least defend themselves with OxyToxy. They will most likely be the first cells to bond with each other as who doesn’t want to eat all the iron in the caves and become extinct? Using only a double membrane bringing down this behemoth should be no problem, just watch out as they live in large packs that completely cover a large chunk of iron and will try to ‘shoot’ you with OxyToxy if you get to close.
(30% and 70% on fluid/rigid and will form colonies)

Thanks for reading and have a good day/night!


Haha, I really like this kind of ideas.

My favourite is the second one. It’s so symmetric and it looks like real algae named diatom with a siliceous cell wall as you did.

The last one is interesting. But I think it would die anyway because of the bug of disappearing iron chunks. Why didn’t you use a membrane that reduce the osmoregulation cost ? It sometimes useful for greedy cells.
I don’t think this one would make it to the multicellular phase. lol


The true journey of microbe species through years and patches that I said becoming something! jk

Such a big example of thrive future microbes, when thrive is more balanced and things. Autotroph cells are big and sessile. The hunter ones are small. The myxotrophic ones needing to have some autotroph characteristics but still needing to be fast guys! And Cell walls are something truly useful! Perfection!
Great work!


All 3 were made using the free mode (hence the large amount of parts) and tested for a good 20 minuets before I took the screenshots, the first one originally had ‘wings’ of OxyToxy that came out the side but when I tested it it didn’t form as I expected and used far to much ATP. While all of them are possible without using free mode, my laptop would die by the 3rd generation of a normal game.

But I am surprised that my second one looks like a real world algae, what a surprising coincident

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Not sure why this was in #other-creativity but seeing as this is about some cells created in the current version of thrive, I’ve moved this to current game.


Cool builds! Medium-sized cells (i.e. something in between tiny bacteria and eukaryotes) like these seem underrepresented on the forums. Btw I don’t think the afk plant build is non-meta at all. If you can get it before the evolution of oxytoxy it could work quite well.


Mega necropost.
Somebody should see if these work in 0.6.1 now that all the things these say they use are out


Would be interesting, I am quite busy with life so if anyone wants to recreate these, be my guest


I tested these. The first one looses glucose while still, but works. The second one works perfect. The third, I tried my best recreating it, but it looses glucose and dies.

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it has rusticyanin so maybe try sticking to an iron chunk

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