Thrive (Broken edition)

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Today, I made a “broken” version of Thrive How can I share this version?

By the way, here’s a spoiler alert image


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what is this? Did you mod it to break everything or?

("Belgium isotope" "Achievement hunter" "King of badcalls" "File handler" "Github complainer") #3
Basically, I just switched some files with other ones within a same folder. Because I didn’t touch the code, this is the “censored” edition. And I’ll make an “uncensored” edition, which is going to be a real mess with the code. And I’ll be allowed to replace some files with other ones that are outside of Thrive folder (either from the Internet or from one of my future creations).

("Belgium isotope" "Achievement hunter" "King of badcalls" "File handler" "Github complainer") #4
Oh, by the way, the “uncensored” edition is in development right now. I’ve already tried to replace the two videos (intro.mkv and MicrobeIntro.mkv) with two MP4 videos from YouTube. However, I guess I couldn’t put Mp4 files, so I converted them into mkv. Videos could then be played, but there was no sound to be found. Can someone of the dev team explain me how audio works in the game? Because there’s only your intro.mkv and MicrobeIntro.mkv that could play sound.

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Might I ask which files you replaced? Because this way the devs might find out how the “yellow zebra”-background-glitch can come into existence. (For example, if it might be because the game couldn’t find the background texture and this is how it mediates that)

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Well, to answer you, @Omicron , I thought about bringing this version as a surprise. But I had something similar to the yellow zebra, but I’ll explain a bit later (after putting my version in Github).

ATTENTION ALL DEVELOPERS! Can I legally put my own version of Thrive on Github ?


The problem is that none of the files are missing, the graphics engine just refuses to load them sometimes.

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I’m now trying to put my mod on Github… . This will take a while.

EDIT : After 3 hours of lame organization of files, I finally put my mod on GitHub. Here’s its link :

ATTENTION ! Some files couldn’t be uploaded. Thus, you will have to copy those files from Thrive (the official version). The missing files are named in the README.