Thrive 2 after Thrive is finished

I was wondering after Thrive is finished with development will there be a Thrive 2?

Thrive 1 is already a huge project in itself and needs all the attention it can get, so we should probably focus completely on this one before even thinking about another title.

Nonetheless, you’re a very ambitious person.


Maybe instead of Thrive 2, we could have an expansion pack, like the Thrive version of GA from Spore.

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hopefully something different then this

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I think that’s where mods and customization should come in rather than an expansion pack that would otherwise take much time and effort away from Thrive itself. With pre-existing planet generation concepts, I don’t think it would be too hard to allow custom maps for example, which players could tweak and share.

And besides, how do you think we can expand on something as ingenious as life and evolution?

Would Thrive truly ever be complete? As an open source project we probably can never say “that’s it Thrive is done, no one is allowed to work on it anymore”. So I don’t think it’ll ever be the case that we need to consider starting developing Thrive 2. Instead any big changes that many players might not agree with would instead be like modifiers in the options menu that can be selected or even separate downloads like mods.

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like hydrothermal vents being able to smeltl the meltl?
just kidding haha…lol…

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I think if there will be any expansion packs, they should be about adding magic or a story.

It’s the year 10^32345 AD. The heat death of the universe has already happened. Thrive has just been released. On a fateful summer evening, the rumors are confirmed: work on Thrive 2 has officially started. Fans rejoice.


It shouldn’t be Thrive 2 anyway, but rather another scientifically accurate game (like Ancestors). It feels a lot like Crowbar Collective (the Indie dev team that made Black Mesa, a Half-Life remake in Source). Now that they are done with Black Mesa, it isn’t really clear what they are planning, but it’s obviously revolving around Half-Life.

right!mana power or some new type mineral

two things I want to make: #1 A space grade full spectrum mixotrophic reptillian humanoid with deep purple scleras and vibrant green irises and wings that change color depending on the most volatile wavelength of the nearest star
#2 A chitinous vacuum grade space faring Superorganism that eats gasses and is a full spectrum photosynthesizer