Thrive art contest

This is an art contest for thrive. Draw your best creature to see if you can win! Your art will be evaluated by it’s Aesthetic (The way the surroundings compliment the creature), Design (The creatures design), and Creativity (How original your creature is). The contest ends on July 10th. The criteria are in the box below.


Other contests will have different criteria, but since this is the first one, you can do whatever creature you want.

The Art Competition?

I think this is more relevant:

but even that is dead. I didn’t comment about that before as I saw that this would have a deadline in 6 months, which is a bit ambitious in terms of keeping up interest / remembering to come judge the entries (if there are any).

ahh, i didnt see that, i only looked in the fan art section

This competition is different, because future iterations will have specific criteria you have to meet.

So does the competition in the thread they referred you to

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You have a lot longer to complete this one

Which might actually be detrimental as many submissions to that other contest were done just before the deadline, it motivates people.

You could just have put the new deadline, is not like is illegal to change it

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