Thrive Auto-Evo: Stimulus to Reaction

I’ve been considering the Auto-Evo by Nick, and (correct me if I’m wrong) I believe that the simulation currently doesn’t take detection of mates into account like it does prey when hunting. While trying to brainstorm a solution I could propose to him, I came up with something brilliant. A way to improve the behavior editor.

Basically, how it works is as follows:

  • If an organism detects a certain (player-defined) stimulus, it reacts in a way that is determined by its creator.
  • Stimulus must be able to be noticed to be used (I.E. You can’t notice a particular color if you can’t see).
  • Therefore, if an organism is the only one its environment to possess a specific sense (sight, smell, pheromones, etc) then it can reliably avoid being detected while communicating with others of its kind.

For example:

  • Stimulus: An organism detects a certain color of display on a member of its species via sight.
  • Reaction: The two organisms mate.

This example was the exact thought that made me come up with this idea. With stimulus-based behaviors, the game becomes more realistic and thus more likely to simulate accurately.

Anyway, thanks for reading! I would like some feedback on the idea, especially if I messed up something on accident, so feel free to comment! :smiley:


I feel like this would make a great addition, and could be extended to things like behaviours in the trial stage as well

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