Thrive Autopilot Edition

Ever wanted to play Thrive, but not actually play?

Start life on an alien world. Watch helplessly as it avoids finding any nutrients. Mess with the AI sliders in hopes of getting it to not kill itself off.

I had to change enough of the code that I just made a different build of the game, so you can’t add this in the mod manager. I may keep this branch up as a debugging tool for the AI, but I don’t plan to make any more updates to the “gameplay” unless people really enjoy this for some reason. I’ll update this if I take the zip down or otherwise break the link.

Scroll down for the link to steam workshop




Are you going to also release this for other platforms than Windows? The make release script automatically does that. It also includes the source code in the created release so that GPL requirements are more easily fulfilled.

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Good catch with the source code; you can now see it in the original repo here: GitHub - Revolutionary-Games/Thrive at autopilot

I promise not to clutter up the repo by doing this a bunch of times, but if you want to keep the branch out of there I’ll throw the source in the zip.

I’ll pass the code over to my VM and run the ruby to make other OS releases if someone asks.


If anyone is interested in gameplay


I actually went ahead and remade this mod, this time to be compatible with the new Harmony mod loader in Thrive. Note to all you anxious people who want to play this right away, you won’t be able to play the mod for a few days until is released as it has those mod loading new features. So you can mark your calendar now and bookmark these links:

(I also made one other new mod)

Here’s the direct download for people outside Steam (again, there will only work once is released):

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In response to this, I’ll be taking down the download.