Thrive Civilization Game (Part 3 Reboot)

I take the offer to join, what do i have to do?

Choose a name, and either a tribe to split off of (negative stability gives a bonus to the roll, positive stability gives a malus) or a location to spawn from (NSEW).

I also recommend joining the discord and writing a little bit of backround or lore so I have more to work with

@jellyfishmon @AgentTine after Evo I’m going to start writing. It’ll probably take a day or two but the sooner the better

I am already on the discord as the blank name

New Tribe
Name: Arcimea
Location: South

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What happens if they don’t respond? I am assuming they lose their spots as well?

They would need to not respond for three rounds, but they both did on discord so we’re good.

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when will the next round be @Skyguy98? :slightly_smiling_face:

@Skyguy98 next round please.
double post :sob:

Please don’t ask the GM for the next round. Sometimes he’s busy because of life, and as you have seen before, it can be months between rounds.


Everyone I have an apology to make. I have been suffering from manic depressive disorder and over the last few years my depressive periods have gotten longer and longer while my manic have been getting intense in a bad way. Recently I had a negative experience prompting an intervention and I am thankful for it, forcing myself to attend therapy and started taken medication. Over the past 2 months I have seen great improvement in my mood stabilization and my desire to return to writing and world building, especially as the summer time has always been a good time to relax and unwind.

I totally understand if no-one wants to join a game that has a history of being on and off, but if you would like too please let me know. There will be substantial changes to the format of the game that will allow me to better control my progress and ensure that even should I fail there will be someone who can make the game continue in my place.

Thanks everyone for your understanding and I am proud to say I’m doing better


I’m into it. Glad to see that you’re in a better mental state!

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I hope you won’t have to pass throught that again.

Can you add me to the waiting list?


I’ll be glad to join!


I glad u better now

I wish to be in the waiting list too


Thank you everyone! I deeply appreciate it. I’m probably going to start a new game rather than try and revive something thats been dead for almost 8 months, plus it’ll allow me to better change the game mechanics to what I want to do


I hope you are doing well, and I like to stay on the waiting list


I would like to join the waiting list.

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could i join? are there still open spots?

Sure! emoji emoji emoji