Thrive doesn't start from the launcher - What do I do?

I install thrive launcher, I run thrive launcher, I launch thrive. But thrive doesn’t run, And it said thrive is running. What do I do?
The log is:
Process Started
child process exited with code 3221225477

Here’s my troubleshooting steps for Thrive not running:

  • Use the options button in the launcher to go to the folder where the Thrive version is installed. Check if running Thrive.exe directly makes the game start.
  • Download the Godot Editor, from their site: and test if that runs correctly. If it doesn’t, then please go and report that Godot doesn’t work on your computer. Hopefully once Godot runs correctly, Thrive will as well.

If either of those don’t work / apply in your case, let me know.

godot doesn’t launch, running directly also doesn’t open it. What do I do now?

Let the Godot developers know that their engine doesn’t work on your computer.