Thrive easter egg idea

So, I have an idea for an Easter egg referencing Pandora horizon and Pandora without horizon in thrive. The idea is when you load a world in single-player (and if it happens, multiplayer) and name the planet Pandora Horizon then you will start in the creature editor with infinite points, after your done building your creature you will move on to the awakening, society, and industrial stages. During these stages you will encounter other races that do not necessarily have to be related to your own. You can befriend them, go to war with them, you know, the usual. In this world there would also (Hopefully) be magic and magical materials. You would be able to use the tool editor to create magic items and mechanisms, like, for example, you could attach a fire stone to the end of a stick and use it as a torch or a flaming spear, or use electrium to power robots. Space travel would not be possible, and the world would end after insufficient knowledge sacrifice. Each race in the world would be assigned a unit power for how much damage they would do to the end, and the one to last the longest wins.

this seems like another game ngl


Honestly agree with Knowledge, It’s a cool idea but doesn’t fit in with thrive.

Up until you started talking about potential magic tho, I might be able to see it as a potential path and branch off of Ascension stage someone could build if they want to (being able to design their creature and others how they want), but that would be up to the player not the devs

And magic… this wouldn’t quite fit in thrive, don’t you think? Why randomly throw in magic to a game that strives to be as scientifically accurate to evolution as it can be?

I appreciate the attempt to create an Easter egg based on the forums, especially off of a popular forum game, but as knowledge says this seems less of a fit for thrive than it’s own little game itself.

(Personally think that Easter Eggs should be on the much smaller side if added - for example, making it possible for a randomly generated world name to be Pandora’s Horizon, or the name of one of the other popular forum games)


I agree with the other replies so far, it started off like a plausible free build / ascension mode thing, but then quickly moved to mod territory, and then with all the magic and stuff shoved in, you are basically suggesting someone do a total conversion mod type of thing for Thrive.


I’d like having an Easter egg, but not a magic game mode. Maybe having every civ warship He in a secondary sense, or having a world ending random event always happen before you get to space stage, but no magic, mods exist for that.

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Interstellar destroyer warship “Eternal”

Another idea: if you name planet Earth, then message pops up saying: “Sooo original”

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Ester egg the grox from spore and the galactic god spode

in most cases magic is just science we cannot yet explain so ascension stage would probably be the most likely place for magic

No. It’s usually a trick or drugs/mass psychosis, and when it’s not it’s an phenomenon that science will eventually explain not science, that makes no sense. This seems very nitpicky and annoying but it does the important work of changing the framing for the previous reply from “not really responding to the original post it’s replying to but on topic” to “literally just a random sorta incorrect factoid.” Sorry, I just don’t like people being incorrect.

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Actually, magicians don’t usually use drugs, they use illusions to diverge the audience’s attention from how the trick is being done.

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a medieval human think a time traveler is a witch if they saw them using a computer if not for the fact that they came out of nowhere just like a modern superstitious person would think a person with an ftl drive is using magic. if we cannot yet explain something we often call it magic. that is the point i was trying to make another thing i know how to do but a lot of people would think it is magic is creating matter with only light

While this may or may not be accurate, it is not relevant to the original topic, as the topic explicitly stated it was magic, and not technology we don’t understand. Move this to its own topic/dm if you want to continue

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