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In the last weeks, I had been reading some Team Fortress comics, and they were fun to read. More precisely, they gave a story to each character from both Team Fortress 2 and Team Fortress Classic. That is exactly what makes them fun to read, whether they are realistic or completely absurd (see note 1).
What if we make comics about Thrive’s development and/or about the story of the old and new forums? Wouldn’t that be great? What would you all think about such a thing?

Note 1: teamfortress Website, Comics, TF Comics.
Look under the first heading.

Thrive already has a comic. It’s incomplete, but it’s about an underwater civ uniting with the concept aliens to destroy Earth.

I mean, imagine how a comics telling metaphorically the story of both forums and all the stuff that happened.

I’d be willing to make a comic, but my digital art skills are minimal so it would be pretty low quality.

Edit: also school is being a massive thot so I won’t be able to do it anytime… today

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Don’t worry. For my memes or my low quality images, I use GIMP. Though I’m not an expert, I try my best to make my memes/concepts understandable.

As for school on my part, well, it depends on what courses I have.

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Fuck, now I’m hyped for this. Just give me a few scenarios you want in comics and I’ll do at least one of them sometime this week (screenshots would be nice so I could get a grip on the situation)

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Suggestion: a bunch of philosophers discussing underwater civilizations (philosophers represent actual people on the forums).

On my part, I’m going to read about forums history and try to make some comics about it.

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Actually, I once made a mock comic of the bots hypothetically returning to the forums in the future


What did you use to make that?

Adobe Animate (or Adobe Flash), the one program I use for profile pics, animation, and comics apparently


Is it easier to use than GIMP?

I’m not sure, I’ve never used gimp. You do have to pay for flash/animate though


Might just use corel painter because i already have it, or if im feeling even lazier I might just make it a pixel comic.


There was some software I used when I was in my 2nd year of high school, though I can’t recall its name.

EDIT: AH YEAH, I remember now! It’s called Comic life, but it’s commercial.

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