Thrive Livestream Announcements

I’ll use this thread to announce upcoming Thrive livestreams, which will be uploaded as podcasts after they’re done.

Our next one will be held at 7pm GMT this Saturday. Visit the link below to set a reminder.


Hecka YES! looking forward to this :smile:

Looks great. Will you guys be talking about the outreach and 0.4 plans in this?

Almost certainly. I don’t know whether we have anything else of worth to talk about. We’ll probably just end up discussing random topics again.

Isn’t that the general theme of thrive livestreams, though?

So I messed up time zones as usual and thought this was happening an hour earlier than it is. I’ve changed the YouTube start time so it’s actually 7pm GMT as described. Sorry about that. You’d never know I was doing a maths degree with the amount of simple arithmetic I get wrong.

In that case, we’ll be starting in 1 hour 49 minutes.


No longer a five minute warning, we messed up and now it’s at a different link.

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In my time zone the stream start at like midnight

The video is now public. I kept it private to allow it to process, otherwise it would have had the beginning chopped off.

So what do you think of the april fools joke?

In case anyone didn’t know, we have a livestream happening in approximately 5 minutes:

The podcast is now up at the same link. I for one need to listen to half of it to understand what went wrong after I left.

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We’re having another dev livestream at 18:00 UTC today. Watch at the link below.

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But what is the purpose of the live steram?

For the devs to talk with the community, awnser questions, show development progress, and just show that this project isn’t complete vaporware.


I somehow forgot to put this here earlier. Anyhow, we have a livestream scheduled for 25 minutes from now.

EDIT: The recording is now available.


Next podcast:

Edit: the video is now up


EDIT: The VOD of the podcast is now available below. Audio starts at 0:26 because we still haven’t figured that out.

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Stream starting in 25 minutes:

Can we call them Thrivestreams?