Thrive of empires REBOOTED

15 foragers, 2 Maids, 1 Queen and 2 Warriors
Too dumb to research round 1

no you have enough, becuase 20IQ = 1 research point, so each morph produces 3 research points
I changed it now, since 25 is too much @Null

Oh ok i thought it was a species wide value that added up over time. This changes my whole strat. Instead of becoming a mindless plague on this world i guess ill just outpopulate the others and advance that way.
How many things can i research in a round? Also isnt my starting pop 25 not 20? Atleast it said that in the introduction to the morphs at the start.

Wait it’s per individual? Dang.

I’m going to change up a few things then (also how many research points is seaweed clothing?)

I have a total of 24 research points so I am also going to research the 14 point electricity thing, leaving me with 3 more points. If seaweed clothes are three or less I will also research those

wait a second, 5 research points from the intelligence, and i have 8 population, so i have 40 research points??

Yeah, this game is meant to be fast paced, but you have a major advantage other other civs, so I gotta do some balancing @TeaKing
So, I have to raise @TwilightWings21 starting population to 5 neuronians
And to further balance @Null 's species IQ has to be nerfed down to 40 IQ
Now, everyone gets 40 research points per round. Fair and square

I have nothing left to research and when I had only three members lol

Assign the two extra members to foraging

A post to keep track of what players have researched
TwilightWings21 - Tools, Food smashing, Electric loading(can load rocks with their electricity, and soak them in water, then throw at opponents, increases military power by 10%), Seaweed clothes
GodOfKnowledge- Tools
Null- none yet
TeaKing- Tools,fire, hunting, spears, skinning, animal domestication

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I also researched seaweed clothing. And that’s all I seem to be able to research at this point.

I don’t know how many points seaweed clothing is, but after researching everything else I have 19 research points left, which should definitely be enough

Edit: also don’t forget Teaking researched tools

can i add fire, hunting, spears, skinning and animal domestication?

On map:
Blue stripes = Teaking
Red stripes = TwilightWings21
Null = Green stripes
GodOfKnowledge = Yellow stripes

Hmm, @Null we are quite close to each other. Could we form some sort of truce, at least for the early game?

Plans, - find andesite and use clay and kelp to make a kelp brick, when cooked in the fire. combine them and fuse them together to make andesite alloy, and make a saw and ax tools, use these to make 8 gears and use 8 chunks of andesite alloy, with stripped pieces of wood to make basic kinetic mechanisms, use that in pair with refined andesite alloy to make an andesite machine, use a wooden bucket and make a sap collector, after mining and smelting iron into nuggets, make another andesite machine, then make a meter^3 block of iron, make a press out of it with an andesite alloy basin and collect the sap, then make water wheels to power the press and basin, then use the sap and press to get raw rubber, cook the rubber and make it into belts for better transport of power. After that make a fan, using iron and andesite alloy, and then use a grinder, made of wood, andesite ally small cog, and a piece of stone, to crush our ore into powder, use the fan in parallel with a source of water to wash the ore powder and get nuggets, gaining ore to nugget ratio of 1/6, using this we should expand out production, and harvest kelp, using lightning rods made of our copper ore, and putting sand and lead together, we should be able to make a substantial amount of glass, this should be used as a way to grow crops so we don’t starve, we should also make a bed to gain more pop, using glass to create a greenhouse, we should be able to grow our food year round, we should also start to develop a kelp growing infrastructure, using a significant bearing and a horizontal water wheel, as well as harvesters made of andesite machines, we should be able to cut grown kelp, but because we need to store it, we must make a portable storage interface, using two of these we can transfer the kelp from the farm, and inut it into an andesite alloy basin, we also should start to farm rice, of which we can get thatch and make strainers, using iron and an andesite machine we can get a strainer base, with an andesite funnel, make from another andesite machine we can input both the kelp and clay into the basin, but why is there sand? we must first wash the sand to get clay, as the sediment filter only has a 10% chance to get us a pure ball of clay, to do this we must use the fan we made earlier, to wash the sand, using a drawer we can filter clay and sand, and then output it to the basin, after this we must combine the clay and kelp into the mixture we need, to do this we need a whisk and andesite machine to make the mechanical mixer, this will combine the two materials, this gives us the kelp mixture we need, outputting this into another cooking mechanism, made by a fan and some magma from an underground cave, we can smelt it onto the kelp bricks. Next, we need wood, to do this we need mechanical placers and saws, we will build atop our previous kelp farm, but add an andesite shaft to transfer the force, so our outputs won’t be cluttered, using the placers and newly crafted saws we can automate the gathering of logs, using three woodcutters in unison we can automate slabs of wood, next we must mine till bedrock, using a clever trick we can use bedrock to create infinite amounts of andesite, though, it is a heavily guarded secret, -------- to the ---- then use the — to make the — and transfer it to the ---- after that you want to use the ---------- method to transfer the andesite to the surface, where it will go in another mixer, with the kelp bricks, this will make andesite alloy, and using andesite tunnels we can use the round robin method to inset it into two mechanical placers, with a belt underneath the three mechanical placers, two with andesite alloy, the other with a saw, and a constant flow of both andisite alloy, and slabs of wood, we can automate the process of kinetic mechanisms, and using the andisite funnels we can insert them into the barrel, allowing for complete automation of kinetic mechanisms, saving countless months of hard work.

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Thats a whole lot. Wow

@Null @GodOfKnowledge @TeaKing @TwilightWings21
Just a reminder, the next round is starting tommorow, so, please post your moves for the round quickly before tommorow, or you will miss out
Also, I am creating a AI player(controlled by me), and it’s territory is indicated by brown stripes
Oh, and it is Empire, so, you may expect a very aggressive AI. It is the morph civilization too.
Round 3- Joins, researches: Tools, Fire, Bone tipped spears, Swarming tactics, Advanced swarming

At this point what can each civilization research? I have researched all initial options for my species

Things are Getting a bit confusing

perhaps I should make a seperate post with all the rules, and technologies, since the technologies are sort of scattered around

Maybe also include what tech and pop each person has as well

Weird that plan is very much like a Minecraft mod called create … strange