Thrive of empires REBOOTED

After the failing of thrive of empires(people started losing interest and procastinating and stuff went apart)
Now, there are some main starting civilizations in case you do not have any idea of a starting civilization, but sadly there are no custom civilizations since it just won’t work out
Here is the game map:

Starting civs for simplicity:

Humans - a well rounded species
Intelligence: 100IQ(average)
Terrains it thrives best in : Forest
Consumes : 1/food per day(normal)
Raw power(without weapons): 10(mediocre)
Starting population : 8

Neuronians - a jellyfish-like species with a powerful nervous system and even a mysterious biological mechanism that allows for electric generation in a certain organ. Can zap opponents with a portion of their body that leaks out a special zapping nerve, but this comes at what cost?
Intelligence: 160IQ(Genius)
Terrain it thrives best in: Water(since electricity travels farther)
Consumes : 3/food per day(gluttonous)
Raw power: 20(Elite)
Starting population : 3

Brutuslians- Brutelike creatures, barbaric, savage, uncivilized, the laughing stock of advanced aliens, but they recently have had a dawning awareness, and something… something… something… awakening…

  • … -.-. . -. -… … -. --.
    Intelligence: 80IQ(so far shown…)
    Terrain it thrives best in: Desert
    Consumes: 2/food per day
    Raw power: 20(Tough)
    Starting population: 10

The morphs- Pale, malevolent, hive-minded, parasitic beings that only wish to spread themselves through a parasite like cycle.
Intelligence : 40IQ(Dumb)
Terrain it thrives best in: Wasteland
Consumes: 0.2 food per day
Raw power: 5(weak)
Starting population: 20

Now… As for how to play, each turn, you do the following:

  1. Assign each member of your population to a job, but you can assign in mass(Ex. You assign 2000 people to light cavalry)
  2. Research something(each round I release something you can research for each civilization and how much research points it costs) As a note of reference, 20IQ= 1 Research point
  3. Military action(after unlocking military) Note: the ways battles work is you send a army of your species, and if there was for example 60 neuronians in the army, it would be 20*60= 1200 power. If the 1200 power army faced a 1100 power army, the 1200 power army reigns victorious but at 100 power
  4. Trades(unlocked after trading)
  5. Diplomatic action(unlocked after diplomacy), you declare war, send a peace treaty, or send spies, stuff like that

Political ideologies:
Tribal- Starting idealogy
Happiness : Content(happiness describes the likeliness of a revolt you have to supress popping up)
MIlitary: average(no bonus to military)
Production: low( workers have 25% reduction in efficiency)
Freedom : average (how much control you exert over citizens, thus deciding the limit to how extreme actions you do can be)

Happiness: Okay
Military: decent(10% increase in power)
Production: average
Freedom: low(High power exertion)

Happiness: Content
Military: Ok(10% reduction in power)
Production: average
Freedom: decent

Happiness: Ok
Military : Good(20% increase in military power)
Production: above average(10% increase in production)
Freedom: low

Happiness: Great
Military: Bad(20% decrease in military power)
Production: average
Freedom: high(low exertion on citizens)

Happiness: Very low
Military: Excellent(50% increase in military)
Production : Great(25% increase in production)
Freedom: almost unheard of

Happiness : ok
Military : decent
Production: good(20% increase in production)
Freedom: low

Happiness: low
Military: Good
Production: Good
Freedom: very low

Juche(most democratic country ever(north korea))
Happiness: Depressed
Military : State-of-art(doubled military power)
Production: Average
Freedom: inexistent

Happiness: Good
Military: Good
Production: Ok
Freedom: Perfect

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interesting, gonna join this, but shouldnt this be called Thrive of empires 3.0?

Then you have to join the map link I posted in order to place your civilization on the map
Also, what is the civilization you choose

going with generic humans
also i put my starting place on the map with orange

I do see that you added a slide, but I can not access, can you give a screenshot?
Or can you just tell me the name of the territory you claim

for some reason the map isnt loading and the site keeps crashing lol

I started to color in the islands for hw I thought their biioms would be layed out, let me know if it is “cannon” else tell me what to change, I also forgot falons islands name mid way through, lol

Brutuslians- Red

Plans (Not that secret)

Round One
4 - Hunter-gatherers
1 - Thinker (Thinks really hard and gets things done)

Wait for research???

World view, 3d sphere, inut screenie of map, elektrobild - photofilter 3D sphere - online photo editing

Do the morphs have any special capabilities? For example, can they take features from their hosts?

Now what is your move for the round, as the brutuslians, you have 20 research points, you can research up to 3 every turn.
Human research options- Tools(4 research points), Fire(5 research points), Spears(requires tools, 8 research points), Hunting(3 research points), Cooking(Requires Fire and hunting, 10 research points), Skinning(Requires hunting, 12 research points), Animal domestication(Requires hunting, 8 research points), Tents(requires Skinning, 14 points), Animal Skin Clothes(Requires Skinning, 8 points), Bow and arrow(25 research points, requires hunting), Religion(30 research points)

Brutuslian’s(has slight bonus for weapon technology) research options - Tools(3 research points), Fire(6 research points), Spears(requires tools, 7 research points), Hunting(3 research points), Hunting tactics(5 research points, requires hunting), Cooking(Requires Fire and hunting, 10 research points), Animal domestication(requires hunting, 6 points), Mud hut(requires 6 points), Leaf clothes(8 points), Religion(25 research points)

Morph research options - Tools(4 research points), fire(7 research points),Bone tipped spears(6 research points), Swarming tactics(4 research points), advanced swarming tactics(6 research points, requires swarming tactics), animal domestication(8 research points), Horse domestication(12 research points, requiress animal domestication), Religion(30 research points)

Neuronian research options : Tools(2 research points), Food smasher(Enables neuronians to be less tied to the water due to being able to eat on land, needs tools, costs 5 research points), Seaweed clothes(Neuronian is fully terrestrial now, 10 points, @TwilightWings21 ), electric loading(14 research points), Wooden bark bag(you now can hold a surplus of 20 food, 20 research points, requires seaweed clothes and tools), Religion(30 research points), Discovery of copper(30 research points), Copper tail armour(basically a early form of electric armor since the copper is attached to the nerve tissue, 35 research points)
@TwilightWings21 , I updated

Watch the double posting please, you simply could have edited the above post with a ping for knowledge you fixed it yay

I may or may not join, but if I do I’ll probably be the jellyfish dudes

Is that all the research options?
If so

Tools - 3 research points,

5 - foragers
May I do fishing?

Oh yeah I forgot about that… You need hunting and harpoon(comes from spear, 7 points), to fish(10 points)
Here is a formal list of the jobs(brutuslians and humans only) you can assign your citizens:
Forager- forages 3 food per day
Citizen - Stays at base, does not collect food, but will protect base in case of invasion, will produce 0.5 offspring(it takes one citizen 2 turns to make 1 offspring)

Bro, I just want teaching strats, to gain int

Ill join in too if i can. Ill be the morphs and ill claim brodusia. What can the morphs research and do?

I updated with morph research options
What do you assign your population to? Note: you have a starting population of 20 morphs
jobs you can assign your population to:
Forager - collects 0.5 food per round/day
Attacker - protects your hive/tribe, can also invade neighboring civilizations(has a limit of 10 attackers, you need to unlock armies to reach 100 attackers)
Maid - Tends to baby morphs, makes them grow up in next round instead of 2 rounds(1 maid = 1 baby morph tended)
Queen - produces 3 offspring each day, but requires 2 food per day

so i almost forgot about this lmao
now that i can see the map im choosing Botania (cant tell if thats an r or an n or an m lol)

for what ill research im going with tools
and for pop assigning 4 will forage and 4 will be citizens

I’m going to go with Neuronians. I’ll mark my place on the map soon.

My first actions will be to research Tools and Food Smashing, (total 7 points, I have 8), and to assign one civilian, one toolmaker, and one forager with my three starting pop. Oh and make us democratic

Edit: I claimed some water in the middle of the Exodus Islands

Now here is a list of neuronian jobs:
civilian - produces 1 offspring per turn
forager- forages 6 food
toolmaker - adds 2 tools to your tribe inventory
Note: Normally, one of your citizens would starve to death if they did not get enough food, but for time and simplicity’s sake, and since you just started, I will let you be with your job selection, but next, round you must get more foragers, or your fellow neuronians will starve and die off
@TwilightWings21 I said I will let you have your tool maker for now, but next round you must ensure your consumption is lower than then the amount your foragers produce

Yeah I’ll just use the one pop made by the civilian and the civilian themself as foragers next round, and turn the tool smith into a civilian. Easy fix but I wanted tools for this round and didn’t know how much food each forager produced