Thrive of empires REBOOTED player records(work in progress)

Two days ago I promised in a post I would make a seperate thread to keep track of player’s resources, population, tech tree

, and here it is.

TwilightWings21 - Tools, Food smashing, Electric loading(can load rocks with their electricity, and soak them in water, then throw at opponents, increases military power by 10%), Seaweed clothes, copper tail armor, discovery of copper, bark bags,
GodOfKnowledge- Tools
Null- none yet
TeaKing- Tools, fire, hunting, spears, skinning, animal domestication, cooking, tents, bow and arrow, and animal skin clothes

Population and job distribution
Null- 23
GodOfKnowledge- 10
Twilightwings21 - 7
TeaKing - 12(+2 per turn) - 4 citizens 4 foragers 4 hunters

Here is a formal list of the jobs(brutuslians and humans only) you can assign your citizens:
Forager- forages 3 food per day
Citizen - Stays at base, does not collect food, but will protect base in case of invasion, will produce 0.5 offspring(it takes one citizen 2 turns to make 1 offspring)
@TeaKing there is a new job
Hunter - has a 50% chance of having a good hunt, and a 50% chance of having a bad one, a good one gives 6 food, but a bad one gives 1 food