Thrive personality test for cell stage(work in progress pre-alpha version)

Please choose your honest opinion or you will not get the right result
Question one: You see a predator cell chasing you, do you:
B. Escape(Add “timid” as first trait)
C. Attack(Add"brave" as you first trait)
D. Trick the predator cell into a group of your cells that will team on it(Add “cunning” as your first trait)
Question two: A predator cell kills a member of your fellow species
A. Run but plan a revenge(Add"vengeful planner" as your second trait)
B. Attack immedietly(Add"vengeful attacker")
C. Run(“self-centered”)

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this seems interesting, ill be joining

my choices will be D then A

also wouldnt it be better if Polls were used for this game?

I will choose C and then B

You got “cunning-vengeful planner”

You got “brave-vengeful attacker”

Tbh, in my thrive save im the apex predator so i’d just choose A.

Option Z.: I kill the predator cell and absorb both their remains, or just absorb my specie member’s remains and enter the editor.

please dont double post

D.If i were a small cell i would let the predator cell run into a group of my cell members, after which i would absorb whatever i can.
C: Why would i plan revenge or fight? Im assuming for these im a small cell and the cell im fighting is stronger. Ill run and gather resources to evolve.

This is pretty dumb bc cells can massively vary in power, and most people become apex predators in their playtroughs

i’ll choose D and A

I will choose D and then A as well

Imma choose B A options

I will choose D and then A
Cunning. Vengeful planner

I got brave and self-centered.