Thrive Resource Management/Efficiency Challenge!

The task is simple. If you wish to accept this challenge, keep on reading; If you do, you are legally obliged to accept the challenge. (sarcasm)

Summary Of The Challenge

Basically, the challenge is how low can you get your resource consumption level, while also making your ATP consumption the lowest possible as well! (Basically you want to get your ATP production as low as possible, as well as getting your resources used up as low as possible. Creating your own resources is a good idea for this challenge)
This picture shows what number you want to get as high as possible.
And this one shows which one you want to get the lowest possible.

Good luck Thriving!


so the goal is to create the greatest energy creation to consumption ratio?


(and making your own can be used to get that number down)

single thylakoids op

New rule:

Your cell has to be size 5 or above.


also isnt 2 mitochondria and one chloroplast op strat

what does this mean?

For example, creating glucose from thylakoids or chloroplasts.

how is it op? doing that would put you at a deficit of 0.007 Glucose and you would have a consumption of atleast 28.8 ATP

Wouldnt it be more op if you just made a cell out of 3 Thylakoids and 2 Cytoplasms and made its memrane Calcium Carbonate? 0.005 Surplus Glucose aswell as a cost of 8 ATP.

As far as i can tell the Objective is to make a creature that uses as little energy possible while using as little resources as possible but still beeing atleast a certain size.

correct, and I will progressively bump up the size, and maybe even remove chloroplasts from being qualified for this challenge.

Round One!
Post screenshots of your creatures here!

Rules: Must be over 5 size

Heres my Screenshot
Edit: Sent a screenshot of it without the calcium carbonate membrane (Means in this one now theres the calcium membrane the other one didnt have it which was the wrong one)

So you can see 0.005 Surplus Glucose aswell as a consumption of only 8 ATP


Wait how long does one round last?

since no one else has posted, i guess its round 2 now!

Round Two!
Rules: Has to be over size 10, No thylakoids.

This would be my creature for round 2
(Chemosynthesizing Proteins convert Hydrogen Sulfide into Glucose)

interesting design, although then you’re down on hydrogen sulfide and iron.

It be nice to know this too

whenever i feel like it. idk…lets say every 2 days?

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Instead of two Chemosynthesizing Proteins it has one and instead gains an extra cytoplasm

we should have a thrive challende for a creature in the form of a straight line