Thrive SCP Thread

so, due to today’s catnip incident in the west wing after dinner, we now know that 8610-2 instances, and the one 8610-1 instance we had before today’s incident, are affected in much the same way as cats, and it drastically speeds up the conversion from -1 to -2, so you could theoretically use catnip and 8610-2 blood to catify someone, but please make sure they’re in an area they won’t damage anything or anyone first.

that said, all forms of catnip are now banned from public areas within foundation sites. ‘public’ meaning any area most foundation staff are allowed in.

I think that people on north sentinel island could be the last ones to get infected.

awwwwwwwnnn… you juwst ruiwned my weekend… (fyi, i hadn’t twied it yet so i’m still safe.)

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Isn’t catnip like a drug to catgirls?

yessss… our sewse of smell turned much mowe acute, and it able to gets us high. Howewer, appawently only 67% of catgirls are actually affewcted by catnip, so I had to get tested, purely for rewsearch reasons.

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So are you affected by it?

i will never know, siwce mrs. dawNixon banned them on bawsically all fowndation sites. And me, as a good fouwdation researcher™, i’m goiwg to obey it.

awd, i don’t even want THAT much to get high, hah. I cowpleted the D.A.R.E. remember kids: using drugs is wrong!

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What is D.A.R.E.? Is it the test you were talking about?

//it’s an pretty old and lame anti-drug school program that started in los angeles and somehow got on Brazil (?) it consisted of cops going on your classroom and telling ya that drugs are bad. The program worked so poorly that the students that had completed it had an higher chance of using drugs on adult life than the ones that didn’t.


How is Dr. Zenn doing?

He’s finally enslaved all catgirls in Japan.

There are no catgirls in Japan. 0.

…he is still locked at his cell. he stopped scweaming at anything remowtelly feline, but his vocal coords are recovering. I haven’t checked on him much so it’s best to ask Dawn or someone in charge of him.

and, yes, aah31415 is cowrect. There are no catgirls in Japan, dewspite what anime suwggests.


I wonder what will they have to say once they return to this forum…

someone brought a dog in the room and zenn started purring when it went up to him. his ears have started looking like they’re ready to migrate and take a different shape, but they haven’t shown any sign they will yet.

yes, it has most of the same effects THC does, but it also does more than that.

you’re still allowed to have and use it, just not in public areas, unless it’s in an airtight container, just make sure that if you’re bringing any anywhere through the hallways that nobody can smell it. and make sure to research how and why it works before you try it.

//almost(read: completely and totally, and several times) forgot to do this, but
how should we have catnip work on 8610 instances and cats in this universe?

  • how it does IRL
  • like a combination of how THC and ethanol do for humans
  • something else
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Are catgirls immune to any drugs which affect humans?

possibly, we haven’t tested it since that would be unethical, and the amount of infected D-class personell is rather limited, but if a large population gets exposed to 8610, we’ll get the data regardless of if we test it.

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Do you have any sort of hunting reaction when you see rodents?

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i ate a rat once.

it’s don’t taste very good.

thats all information i’m going to give about that incident.

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What happens when you see a moving laser point?