Thrive SCP Thread


Item #: SCP-XXXX

Special Containment Procedures: Task Force Gamma-14 “hhyyrylainen” are to censor anomalous phenomenon by deleting posts in groups of 24 hours whenever anomalous phenomenon as described appear. Refer to Addendum 1.

Description: The anomalous phenomenon is infact, the spontaneous appearance of mention of “catgirl rights.” It is unknown what a catgirl is Dr. Charles has informed us of what a catgirl is. SCP-XXXX has a memetic effect, causing users to repeatedly obsess over debating SCP-XXXX. So far, TF Gamma-14 has deleted all such posts relating to SCP-XXXX.

Addendum 1 - 1/5/2024: SCP-XXXX has been localized to an online community called the Thrive Community Forum, designated SCP-XXXX-1. SCP-XXXX-1 is suspected to have knowledge on the containment procedures. They know that we’re deleting days.

Addendum 2 - 1/7/2024: The existence of SCP-XXXX has been leaked. After an 05 council vote, it has been decided unanimously that SCP-XXXX-1 is to be terminated.


Addendum 3 - 1/7/2024: There is no need for termination. Everything is fine. Everything except for how catgirls are recieving human rights! They’re called human rights for a reason! Catgirl slavery now!

Addendum 4 - 1/7/2024: Kitty catty cat girl gatty cirl kitten kat meow uwu owo

Addendum 5 - 1/7/2024: oh Belgium they got in the facility

how do i underlines?
apparently i’m just blind

Press this:

Addendum 6 - 1/8/2024: SCP-XXXX-2 has successfully infiltrated the “Thrive Community Forum” website to it’s core. The Catgirl apocalypse is pending…

Addendum 7 - 1/N/A/2024: January 7th has been deleted in order to contain SCP-XXXX’s spread. There has never been a January 4th, January 5th, January 6th, or January 7th.

Unfortunately SCP-17923 is out of charge. It will not be properly functioning for at least a day. We must be careful to shut down SCP-XXXX’s effects quickly, before it is too late.

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Addendum 8 - 1/8/2024

Below is a log of the infiltration of the thrive servers.

January 8th, 2024, 0300 hours
City of Brussels, Belgium

05-4: Be careful, the server farm is mostly filled with civilians. Mission is to disconnect the Thrive forums.

Agent A: Understood, clearance to enter the building?

05-4: Authorized.

Agent B: Nobody is in here.

05-4: It’s 3 AM, what do you expect.

Agent A: I would suspect some night guards here-

05-4: That was a rhetorical question.

Agent A: Can you not? We’re trying to- where the [EXPLETIVE DELETED] is 05-4?

Agent B: There’s something written on the wall?

<MTF Gamma-18 looked to the wall, to see “YOUR LEADER IS WITH ME COME AND GET THEM” near a badly drawn catgirl and thrive logo.>


Initializing psychological state analysis 




Analysis Result: DANGER: insanity exceeding 113PPM

Start memetic stabilization?




Loading Maxwell.jpg





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Addendum 9 - 1/N/A/2024: An Apostle of SCP-XXXX under name D*** has appeared in the object of interest. Group of scientists has been assigned to properly identify this entity.


Addendum 10 - 1/8/2024: i can identify myself, thank you very much.

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addendum 10 - 1/8/2024: maybe i should do something to help against this XK-class end of the world scenario



Item #: SCP-8610

Item Class: Pending

Special Containment Procedures: As of now, Special Containment Procedures have not been formulated yet.

Description: SCP-8610 is a 4 stage memetic virus stemming from the Thrive Community Forums, a forum about the subject of a open source speculative evolution game. It has been spreading since January 3rd, 2024. Approximately 25% of Thrive Forum users have been infected to some point. SCP-8610-1 defines instances of human beings infected by SCP-8610. an instance of SCP-8610 is believed to be responsible for the dissappearance of 05-4.

Addendum 1 - Stages of SCP-8160 infection:

Stage 1: SCP-8610 starts, with infectees showing more interest into “cat people”

Stage 2: Infectees begin discussing about “cat people.” This spreads the virus.

Stage 3: Infectees begin believing that they are cat people.

Stage 4: [REDACTED]

Addendum 2:
05-4 has been found and retrieved, below is an interview

Researcher C: Hello 05-4

05-4: Nya! I’m very s-shy, y-you are very cute~ :3 Can we be friends?


Addendum 3:
Instances of catgirl/boy [REDACTED] have been found on the search histories of various personnel assigned to SCP-8610, Including 2 Overseers and Researcher C.

SCP-8610 has been classified as an LK-Class “Human Tranbelgiumation” scenario.

Further Action Pending


Addendum 4: Some forum users have been shown to be immune, or atleast highly resistant, to contracting this memetic virus. Further research required


Addendum 5: Users “50gens” and “TheForumGameMaster” have been identified as the individuals with the highest resistance to the memetic virus.

addendum 6: users: “50gens” and “TheForumGameMaster” reclassified from ‘immune’ to ‘carriers’ as they are the users who cause the virus to spread the most despite being unchanged by it.


Addendum 7 - 1/8/2024 - complete:

Dr. Sci0927: walks into the room holding a half-eaten sandwich and suspiciously holding a weird red rock
Dr. Sci0927: hmm… I read this file on a SCP called SCP-8610 and have 1 question. should catgirls be part of the genus homo, Felis, or another genus entiewy I mean, entiewy no, en-ti-er-ly. that’s weiwd. WEIRD. I wead an SCP fiwle and now have a speech impewiment?

security personnel SCP 8610-2-A, AKA dawn[1]: “trust me, the speech impediment gets better owover time, especially if you space out your meows, mrrps, nyas, owos, uwus, and :3s right.
by the way, which rock is that :3?”

Dr. Sci0927: okie dokie good to knyow :3.
Dr. Sic0927: its SCP-113 if wondewing why I have it, it was just lying on the floor somewhewe :3. Iw return it later.

SCP 8610-2-A, dawn: “mew might want some painkillers and a bed to deal with the side effects of picking it up if it hasn’t already run its course, and even if it has painkillers will be good because the speed of SCP 8610’s progress is dwastically increased by both the normal and after effects of 113, i know from experience. nya.”

Dr. Sci0927: I have some painkillers and a mattwess in my backpack, so Iw Should be fine hopefuwwy.

I wonder if Freddy Fatbear (previously known as Fazbear) could be affected this virus. Also, what would happen if Zuckerberg AKA the lizard person contracts that virus? Would he turn into a lizard with feline traits?

Woops, forgot to include the name of whoever said that.

  1. like the dish soap?
    exhasperated sigh, yes charles, like the dish soap ↩︎

addendum 8, continued:
Dr. Sci0927: welcome to the forums, but anyways it’s just by forming ‘:3’ as a facial expression.

what??? is this???“/”/'/d’a

I think it’s a bot or smth. Hh will prob ban them

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