Thrive Talk: Alien Invasions

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Overall, I think these are great ideas, @Doggit .

I believe that the premise of alien invasions are a relatively new concept in Thrive, yet a an interesting one to explore.


Thank you. I tried to be more “realistic” as possible.
We need to see if its possible adapt these ideas in a game like Thrive.

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Though many ideas have been adapted into the games concepts, alien invasions have been explored for a long time. Including how you would invade other planets, especcially forcing primitive creatures into a form of biomechanical slavery.


So they have already decided whether to introduce the hypothesis of an alien invasion even if we play as a defending race?

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Quite possibly.

@blackjacksike and I had discussed it in the beginning of this thread, about your species leading resistance movements against the hostiles.

Rebellions would use tactics such as guerilla warfare and infiltration.

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Also, it could be possible to have a scenario like XCOM. For instance, each victory against aliens would push the player to start research on them, which would upgrade human technology.

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the entire premise of XCOM hinges on how the elders are retarded when it comes to warfare, where they start out with basic troops with no body armor and weak weaponry and only wait until late-game (when Earth has already has enough time to copy their tech) to actually use the stronger troops, instead of just droppping fifty sectopods and a couple elite mutons and steamroll earth

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Well, the alien activity on Earth was only abductions initially, as

spoiler for xcom if you care

They were seeing if humans were the “chosen ones” by experimenting on them.

As the humans started retaliating, they decided to launch terror attacks on human cities, in an attempt to reduce their morale.
As humans started to push them back, they started using their stronger troops, but at that point it was too late.

Eh, well, the humans lost anyway. XCOM 2.

XCOM spoiler again

XCOM lost well before they could even copy laser tech in-universe. Their base was infiltrated and destroyed from the inside, iirc.

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Yeah I know about how “they only used their stronger troops until after they retaliated”, but that still doesn’t explain why they didn’t just use their strongest troops as soon as XCOM managed to push them back. They only started using sectopods way after the mutons were first used. You’d assume they’d immediately use sectopods/elite mutons as soon as


XCOM took down their base of operations.

XCOM 2 actually makes way more sense in that regard, how they immediately lost and the only reason they survived was because they went guerilla.

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Ever wondered why they went humans lost for X-Com 2? They looked and saw how many people were losing the game and decided to make the sequel humanity losing instead of the original ending.

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mmm spoils

You would’ve thought that they’d have elite units in the base of operations.

I suppose they just got more desperate, and also thought that the units at the time could handle it.

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Everyone and their mother knows that.
oof, double post
hhyyrylainen, smite me

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People who don’t play XCOM don’t know that.

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So in SCI-FI we got alien invasions and robot uprising but why not an alien robot invasion. Make the best of both worlds.
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What is guerilla anyway? I want to know about the concept.

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Guerilla tactics is where you use a smaller amount of troops against a bigger amount of troops because its easier to move 10 or less troops then 1000 troops

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Hit and run tactic, guerrilla warfare involves little army v army fighting.

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Thanks. But wasn’t that already the case in XCOM : Ennemy Unknown ?

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Why then? …