Thrive Talk: Alien Invasions

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Because that’s not what guerrilla is. Guerrilla warfare is where one of the parties tactics consist purely of small strikes (for example hacking a transmitter containing vital information, kidnapping important characters and taking down convoys á la XCOM 2), ambushes and traps. This tactic allows a small group to fight against way bigger armies, since all fights are quick ambushes of convoys and the like, where the fighting will be over before the enemy has had a time to react.

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Ah now I understand. Thanks! and have fun -gabeN

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Well, if many people lost the game, I think they didn’t understand that XCOM is a strategy-tactics video game.

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No the XCOM games are just ridiculously hard on the higher difficulties. Even if you are great at the strategy part, if you suck at the tactics you’re still screwed, and vice versa.

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I’ve never lost an x-com game, but then again I save spam so that’s technically cheating.


That reminds me of this:

The humans would surely win if they got to play any day again if they died.