Thrive Talk: Celestials

Celestials is something i’ve been thinking about, how they would work, and so on. I don’t think it would be possible to meet celestials while on your playthrough through the microbial stage and space stage, but it might be a possibility to directly interact with them once you yourself has become space jesus.

To me, celestials would have tools such as created planets, solar systems, uplifting species, creating a species (then uplift them maybe). If a race were to be under a totalitarian dictatorship, or some other governmental system, a celestial could save them from their inevitable downfall. Like an awakening of some sorts.

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I think Celestials should have some rules where you cannot directly interact with a civilisation unless ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. This way, a species can evolve and grow normally.

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Thats probably the best idea. If theres a planet-wide extinction event, and theres a species that you take interest it, help them.

Cool the planet down and give it life again, whilst keeping the species in a calm, peaceful stasis. Then you can release them into the wild again.

My opinion is that there should be no advanced species that can mess with the player before the space stage. Because extinction events caused by advanced spacefaring species wouldn’t be fun. Also just waiting for someone to uplift your aquatic civ wouldn’t be good gameplay either.

Actually, that could be a fun easter egg!
If you hang around as a tribal aquatic species long enough, some ascended civilisation would take pity on you and uplift you :joy:


That would be fun.

Then the species would just find their creators and kill them all :joy: