Thrive Universe "Database Video"

What if we made something like this once we got enough applications and story arcs going?

Each contributor would provide a summary for their species’ profile, as well as the music they want to play during their slides.


I agree a lot instead of letting people write their own

Who said anything about not letting people write their own stuff? The video would be a compilation of already-written stuff.

Idk why I even wrote that :stuck_out_tongue:

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Who would edit and give audio for this video though? You yourself, Mito? (that sounds unintentionally hostile, sorry)

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I have an old (relatively old, at least) laptop that still as Windows Movie Maker, and I could at least cobble some still images and audio files together with it.

Downloading audio from YouTube videos is easy thanks to (admittedly shady) third-party websites.

The only real issue is making the images themselves, especially since everyone involved has to make their own species images and backgrounds, even if they’re just taking photos in Spore. In Spore’s case, not everyone knows that taking a picture with the black background is best, since it becomes transparent in the photo.

Literally any image editing software that has layers would work like a charm IMO. The process would be modular: black bottom half for text, species portrait in front of background layer, all with the same image dimensions.

EDIT: Oh, and the inevitable copyright takedown. That might be an issue.

Great Idea !

So I had a go at making a mockup, and it gets a bit humorous when you put an all-consuming hive mind.
Otherwise, it works. This is what a government would look like, inspired by real infographics.




I think I know who that crazy robot is…hehe

Good news, I found out you can pretty much just use PowerPoint, then save the slide as an MP4.

Witness my creative genius!