Thrive volunteer advertising campaign (please join the project)

Project purpose: Advertise Thrive across the media online and offline, and in a easy way, such as via roblox chat or your family, or through more obscure games that I know like sensitive people beware, since there are some horrible things on their like that symbol from world war 2, you know… and other stuff… but it is good for advertising since you can paint the thrive logo on the pixel map and conquer the website) and Manyland(a online game where you can create your own"blocks" which have a large variety of modes and types that you can paint the thrive logo on in order to advertise, you also can make a “area”, which is basically your own personal land where you can make it so only you can edit the “area”).
Methods: send links to thrive website, and tell people about thrive, or paint thrive logo and say it is a game next to it
Start date: when 2 people or more join, and if it does not happen soon, I do it alone or with 1 person


I’ve already done this like two years ago on two imageboard and a obscure youtuber. At the beggining on the first imageboard there was some attention, but it ended with me getting forgeting about making the thread fall behind the catalog and that continued atleast three times. The thing I can say is that anons were impressed by it but were displeased by the games uncompletion.
The same with the other ib and the youtuber said he’ll play it after the game will be more finished. So all in all better then expected.

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would you like to join?

Nah sorry. This just isn’t my kind of thing.

that symbol from world war 2 is callled N@zi

That is correct, although I don’t see what correlation the Nazis have to this thread about spreading information about Thrive

Preemptively locking this thread because I’m disappointed it’s gone awry this quickly.

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