What’s with these obvious questions?

It is used when things fall from the sky

i feel like i know who the spy might be

VOTE: null

im gonna add a new rule 5a

Vote: null kinda sus

didnt even say anything rip

theyre not even online and theyre getting voted out :skull:

with rule 5a we only need one more vote (if nobody takes back theirs or changes) and then the game ends

maybe we need another round soon

Vote: null, you were too obvious…

game is over! null hasn’t been on in like four hours and still got voted out.
null was the spy. non-spies win. word was “Umbrella”
should we have another round, maybe one the spy is online for?

Yee, this was very fun! I’d love a new round

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anyone wanting to join the next round say so
maybe next one will have multiple spies if we have quite a few people
or everyone online at once

this past round actually had a lot of activity and went pretty fast for a forum game. aren’t forum games supposed to take days?

Most take days because of complexity lol

Anyway im willing to join the second round

Gotta love the fact that me sleeping and doing stuff outside of the forum is sus
Im on a differnt time zone than most of you i would assume

Whaa… You sussy baka :flushed:

maybe we need more people in your timezone to stop inactivity from being a reason to vote out

can i join

should i make a new topic and try to run another game