based a bit on Spyfall and maybe other stuff
please tell me to start the whole thing once we get at least 5 (active) members in as players


  1. most people are not spies. they are told the name of a thing (maybe an object) in messages.
  2. the spy (or spies) do not get told what this thing is. they are instead messaged that they are a spy.
  3. ask eachother questions about this thing until you are able to guess who the spy is
  4. if the spy has a guess for what the thing is, the spy can guess by making a new post with “GUESS: [thing]”. If this guess is right, the spy immediately wins and the game is over. If this guess is wrong, the non-spies win and the game is over.
  5. if the non-spies vote out any of the spies with a majority then the non-spies win and the thing is allowed to be revealed. vote someone by making a new post with “VOTE: [person]”. You can change your vote until the vote is passed (all votes are cast or rule 5a happens).
    5a: if the majority of players have voted for the same person, the vote can still pass even if one person does not vote.

if this game does start, please don’t try to mess with it by messaging each other privately about it. talk in the topic and try to not give away the answer to the spy.

edit: game shouldnt start until we get enough people who say they will join

I will join . . . . .

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Ill join in if i can

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i’ll join, hopefully i wont forget lol

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I think I’ll join, though I may not have time to play for now, maybe in a few days.

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alright you might be a backup
or maybe youll be set for player in the next round if its in the same thread

we now got 3 players, 1 maybe, and im the host

man we still need like maybe two people

i would like to join

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i’ll join this seems fun

with that we now have enough (non-maybe) people to play 5-player
as long as @Bolsadesupermer123 is still active
should I wait until Bolsadesupermer123 seems active or just send out the messages
edit: ok it says seen 1 hour ago that looks pretty active to me im gonna start

alright I sent out the messages in mail to the 5 players
everyone who wants to play, check mail to see the name of the object or that you are a spy

Is it an animal or plant?

neither, its an object

is the object something you can hold?

Yes, you can hold it

do only a few people use this object?

Everyone can use them, as long as they have hands lol. Also, not everyone uses this, it can change its frequency bc of the climate they live in

@SHIRO if you ever used this object, when was the last time that you used it?

I don’t remember exactly but i would guess 2 years ago :skull:

since bolsa said that its use can change in frequency based on climate, when is it most used? @fralegend015