Thrivefall! 2

see thrivefall 1 here
Welcome to the Thrivefall 2 thread!
Please sign up and hope it happens, if I don’t come back within a week of having enough members maybe someone else can start the game (by mailing people their roles and/or the subject)
Wait until we get at least 5 members

  1. There is a “subject” of the current thrive game. Maybe this could be an activity, or an object, or a place.
  2. The goal of the spies is to find out what the subject is, and officially GUESS: (subject) it in a message.
    Most players are not spies.
  3. The non-spies are supposed to VOTE: a player if they suspect it is a spy. Both spies and non-spies can vote.
    If a majority of players vote a player, the player is kicked out of the game.
    3a. If all spies are voted out, the non-spies win.
    3b. If the non-spies vote out someone who isn’t a spy, the spies win.
  4. If a spy correctly guesses the subject, then the spies win.

Reply with whether you want to join or not. Tell me when we have five members, but maybe we could wait a bit longer to see if we get more.

Imma join if other people join