Time for dinner guys! (Food)

Every being needs food to survive. But what are the conditions for stuff to be edible? On other planets we have other flora and fauna so how will be decided whats good for you and whats not? I suggest a “nutritient system” for each plant and animal. It would be complicated to make, but i like the idea of really have to look at how much you eat from what and watch your need for the right food.

Whoa. R.I.P. dictionary

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Well, each organism will be composed out of compounds in a certain manner. It would be relatively simple to extrapolate the metabolic needs and the chemical output of a creature.

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Are you speakin english? :P

What he means is that creatures could give what they are, just a big soup of chemicals, elements, compounds, etc

i know dude, i was just kidding

Out of all the things said in this forum, that post was not the least “English” one, or so to say

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I dunno, extrapolate’s pretty english

That’s… exactly what I meant

Uh, what? [SCHHH] I’m breaking up! [SCHHH] I’m going under a tunnel, and wont be able to continue this-[SCHHHHHHHHH]


Lets bring this back to food, shall we?

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i think @DPHkraken sed it all this shoud have been in the quick question thread

And this is why the development forums was separated from the community forums.

I agree, I think that in order to join these forums you should have to quote the GDD from memory.
It’s the ever-present problem, “Will Thrive have (insert theoretically possible technology or organ)?”
These problems could be solved with a bit of forward thinking, maybe even their own code contributions.