Time Travel Mechanic

I was thinking if Thrive has a rebirth system, like, if you get to the end of space stage, you can do time travel and lead back all the way to the microbe stage and start a new history. What you guys think?

What’s wrong with just pressing “new game”, just with the new god tools unlocked (basically cheat mode if you want)

I dislike time travel in general because it just always causes paradoxes.

However I remembered someone’s idea for an easter egg the other day; that during the starategy stages there’s a tech that unlocks a special project called “The Thrive Project” and if you build it then it puts you back to the microbe stage but kind of one layer deeper. Then when you quit that game you go back to where you were in the original game.

I don’t think it would take much to implement and would be quite funny.


What would this type of time travel accomplish? Once our plans for everything starting out as a single piece of cytoplasm are implemented there is no existing state to carry over with the species. So the only common parts would be the planets and that could be just as well accomplished with having an option to enter a seed for the random generator.