Tips for Eukaryotic Cells

I returned to playing the game, and I run into the problem that everytime I make a eucaryot the cell is so slow I cannot get to even a closeby patch of glucose before I run out and die. Does anyone have advice on how to get the thing to move properly


tip 1: get a lot of vacuoles specialized for glucose, and if you’ve got a lipid membrane use lysosomes to get your lipid membrane digestion efficiency maxed.

tip 2: if you can’t get flagella to work, place them at the back of your cell or use more, if that doesn’t work, use the mucous jets instead.

tip 3: if you are able to eat other cells, as long as they’re not poisonous, eat them. they will generally contain some amount of glucose unless they were starving and not in the light.

tip 4: if you aren’t getting enough energy from chloroplasts/thylakoids, add more until you are. the only downsides are higher osmoregulation and lower move/turn speed, and with the injectisome pilus defense is pretty easy as long as you have oxytoxy


Eukaryotic gameplay is maybe a bit too difficult due to movement currently. There will be some balancing work completed soon for it:


I was wondering, thanks kindly

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