Toxin rework Auto evo

I was wondering since i heard that Auto evo can not utelize Organelle upgrades will the coming toxin rework only give the player more option with auto evo utelizing it on a later date or will auto evo choose different toxins by the time of implementation?

I don’t plan on adding support for upgrades to the microbe mutation code (at this time as it would be quite a large chunk of work to do), so no this bit of work won’t result in auto-evo being able to use organelle upgrades (which toxin customization will be an instance of).

So things like puller cilia and injectosome will be exclusive to the player?

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The changes the player makes applies to their entire species. Also I think that species splitting off the player will inherit the organelle upgrades, but they can later be removed if those upgraded organelles are mutated out. So it should be possible to rarely see other species also using the upgrades if the player has added upgrades.

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I mean, what if these species could just evolve these features randomly as if they were “independent organelles” with their own unique auto-evo values?

It would be a mess unless the player also had to do that, so basically we’d need to revert the whole organelle upgrades concept and redo all upgrades as unique organelles.

I meant it more as if an only non-player species feature, like if those species instantly upgraded their organelles to a specialized form.

Then what’s the difference between what you are suggesting and just updating the AI mutation code to know how to add mutations (edit: meant to say upgrades here of course for this to make sense)? Which has been a known deficiency for a really long time but we just lack the volunteer programmers to work on many, many parts of the Thrive code that are in serious need of updates and fixes.

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