Traits and Status Effects

Hello, This is a suggestion that I’ll would like to bring to mind. There could be a system where civilizations have different traits - and these effect the properties of them and change speeds and values of them.

Here are some examples.


Intelligent - 10% Boosts to R&D
Unintelligent - 10% Nerf to R&D
Great Fighters - 10% Boosted Damage
Terrible Fighters - 10% Nerfed Damage
Super Builders - 10% Boosted Building Quality and Speed
Bad Builders - 10% Nerfed Building Quality and Speed

Status Effects might be these examples


Poisioned - 1% Damage Taken per second
Bleeding - 2.5% Damage Taken per second
Fatally Wounded - 5% Damage Taken per second

I want feedback from developers for my idea.

I’m not a dev or anything, but the traits seem to just be stats. I’m sure that some traits could work perfectly well, but those examples are just stats, spicificly R&D speed, average damage per combatant, and construction efficiency. I like the status effects though.

I have a feeling that a very similar suggestion was made in another thread. I’m too lazy to look for that thread now, but I think that suggestion was a bit more in-depth in terms of thinking about how the species traits come about.

I’ll try to find and read the thread.