Transition to space stage

i have an idea that once you have “completed” the industrial stage you “end” it by getting the abiliy to make rockets and depending on the functionality of your rocket which you will need supplies, money, and time to make it will have a higher chance of succesfully launching I dont know if this is a good idea or not bu hopefully it is

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That is pretty much already the plan afaik; early space stage is pretty much what humans are at rn, with satellites and space stations and minimal space traveling. The transitions are supposed to be super smooth.


What @TwilightWings21 said. Also there won’t be like a sudden bam now you are in space stage kind of thing. I imagine like early space stage is nearly indistinguishable from the industrial stage, only difference is that you can also control objects that are in space / other planets in your solar system in addition to your industrial empire.