Translate language to Chinese

I want to translate the game language into Chinese!I have clone the codebase and compile the game,but could not find how to tanslate the worlds in the game。 It seems the all text have been written in the UI element。Not centralized in one file。Godot Offical way is Project setting -> Localization .The project Localization is empty!


We are currently working on putting the game text in translateable files:

That will hopefully be done in the next few weeks.

If you want to get started on something before then, I suggest you take a look at this:

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I’m sorry, but I have a question related to Chinese. What is this character written as ‘。’?

that is a period. it is like that so people dont mistake it as part of a character.

So it’s the same as ’ . '?

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Thanks so much ! If it is completed ,please tell me.

yes! In Chinese “.” is written as “。”

Thank you anyway。I’m going to make up 20 words

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We now have a translations website where people have been already working on Chinese translations:

Though, that fallback font issue is still there, so the translations aren’t usable in-game before that is solved.