I just want to be able to make the Trebum from the Eternal Cylinder. Or just see the mechanic implemented in mod form when we get there. But I like the idea of a life form being able to change it’s shape within a short period of time depending on what it eats. If you don’t know what the Eternal Cylinder is then you should check it out. But Trebum are creatures in the game that possess the ability to grow completely new organs in their body by eating a similar organ. Thus they have the ability to shape shift seemingly at will. With the only acception being that they could not shape shift using plants or fungi. What do you think?

be slime

could be interesting, my guess is that the mutations would either have to do with epigenetics or by absorbing DNA from what was eaten, which some real life animals (specifically a certain species of rotifer) can do.

it would likely be a large polynucleate that can take the nuclei from it’s food to express it’s genes

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