Tree of Life Slideshow idea

I think it would be cool that a long with having a tree of life to view the lineage of species, you can view a slideshow of a species’ starting point, and view all of it’s ancestors to it’s current lineage. So like if 40 generations pass of a lineage for a specific species, you can view a slideshow that shows each generation, kind of like those videos of people who took a picture everyday of their life until a certain point. Idk how difficult this is to implement but just thought it be a cool idea to implement if it’s not too difficult later on


I whot love that idea i thing it whil be good to see other speces lineage

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Yeah, when I get home tonight, I’ll use the dev build tree of life tool and take screenshots of like 40 gens and make it into a short vid to see how it looks and I’ll post it here (I think we can send vids like that not sure tho)


Ok when you post it il see it and reply if its good

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here ya go, sorry for the quality but best I can do lol, had to make a youtube video in order to show it here


Its good :smile: and it can work like sporepidia while you playein it shows the speaces you seen and maybe your speces

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