Type of microbe/bacteria

Why do we start as eucaryots? I tought the first form of life that appeared on earth was procaryot.

I think fun aspect plays in here.
As in that it wouldn’t be fun to play as a prokaryotic microorganism, so we start as eukaryotic microorganisms instead.
I may be wrong, though.

Essentially, prokaryotic gameplay would be extremely simple. Movement would be mostly done by currents, with flagella or cilia being less useful than its eukaryotic counterparts as they are much smaller.
Eventually, photosynthesis evolves and a bunch of organisms die from oxygenation, and unless your single organelle was the then-useless mitochondria, you lose the game.
Also, we don’t exactly know how eukaryotes evolved from prokaryotes, so it would be a bit safer to stick with an eukaryotic start. The same goes for most organelles, but those could actually be a fun mid-stage thing.

You could just take some parts of the gameplay of Plague Inc. to mutate your prokaryotic cell several times, then you have the final mutation that can make your cell becoming eukaryotic. Also, you can ask some experts on the evolution from prokaryotic to eukaryotic and if there’s not any answer or theory, you can make your own opinion out of it and invent gameplays/mutations on the prokaryotic stage. And let me remind you that prokaryotic cell don’t really have organelles (except nucleoid and ribosome) so they don’t really have mitochondria, chloroplast or else (mitochondria and chloroplast were actually bacterias/prokaryotic cells). Prokaryotic cells have their own reactions just like the mitochondria and the chloroplast.

Hope this wont be like slavery thread

Getting lots of mutations doesn’t seem like a very start-game thing to do, though, and a direct transformation into a eukaryote just doesn’t seem consistent with thrive’s loose categories.

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There has been some recent discussion on slack about starting without a nucleus and only access to a few organelles. And the consensus is that it’s a pretty good idea to let the player start off easy. I don’t think this has been fully decided but there’s a good chance that at some point in the future the start will be moved to be a procaryot.

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Why not just make the prokaryotic stage part of the tutorial?

I think that’s been mentioned before in whatever that development forum is

I suppose I’ll post a teaser here, we are adding prokaryotes in the next release and they are built so that the player could potentially play as them:

In fact they already have access to 3 special organelles.


@Untrustedlife this seems like a good place to put this I seen that on some screen shots some bacteria had mitochondria but I think prokaryotes cant have mitochondria unless iv mistaken you may want to change that also heres the photo in question



They don’t have mitochondria it’s just a placeholder model

Why are the flagella on the cells ENOURMOUS???

Flagella are bugged @hhyyrylainen is fixing em

I think the animation is what’s causing the issue because it starts off looking fine so I’ll probably just disable the animation until some modeler comes around and fixes it.