Types of Government

What if I start off as a democracy but decides that “I would have a way more stable government if it were an absolute monarchy”? :crown:

Maybe I as the “spirit of the nation” could influence elections by supporting a candidate or maybe even choose how much percentage of the votes different political parties get? :smile:

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Basically electoral colleges? Those are already in use in countries considered “democratic”. It could technically work, with a LOT of time, and multiple generations of voters, until the populace is tame to the idea of trading a democracy to a monarchy, since it has to be done very gradually to not arouse suspicion and to get the voter used to that sort of thing.

Well, I was just thinking on being able to go back and forth between monarchy and democracy.

I think this is easiest done by giving the player a menu or something where she/he can choose what type of government that the population slowly will want to change into. Or just a revolution-button, to speed things upp a bit but that could have unpredictable consequenses.

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I feel revolutions should rather be triggered by the AI, and not something you control, because it would just feel like a lazy reset button. Otherwise, I think it would make more sense if your actions determined what type of government you have: A peaceful mountain monk civilisation wouldn’t have a dictatorship, so it would make sense that it would be harder to change governments, because it’s like changing culture. If you really wanted to purposefully trigger revolutions though, instead of a button, just do a really bad job and mess up a lot of stuff, and the AI will get triggered.

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It is correct that it would make sense, some people (myself included) just likes to be in control sometimes. :laughing:

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I think the easiest way to do it is during a national crisis - the term “dictator” originally meant the Roman leader using emergency powers, until Agustus turned the republic into an empire. This pattern of republic-to-empire can also be seen with Napoleon and belgium. Thankfully, the last one didn’t get very far.

I think being able to take control of large-scale rebellions should be a fun challenge to do, for one - Stellaris allows this with its Machine Revolution event chain.

That method of “messing up enough to get a better regime” is called “accelerationism.” It’s most common in socialist circles, where far-right candidates are tacitly endorsed in the short-term so as to accelerate the development of people belgiumed-off enough to start a revolution. The tactic is divisive, of course.
Within the context of a nation-scope, this could also mean secretly supporting opposition and rebel groups - which is going to anger your reactionary constituency and government if it gets leaked. This would probably segue into playing as the revolution, of course.

One last idea: Losing to rebellion, or anything that consumes your entire territory could allow you to play as the government-in-exile - where you have no lands, but you could still make alliances hoping to get back your country. Notable historical examples: Free France during WWII, and Taiwan, officially the Republic of China, after the People’s Republic of China won.


Shold there be ideology like democratic partys
Communes and maybe like the germans in ww2 i forgot thers and bye the ideology the governent is a presedent or a dictatorship


Do you mean communist party, at least based on the title?

Yes i do it can help a lot to se other civilization and empires ehat they are are they agresive or nice democrats niser german thing more evil ow and if your a dictatorship your leader whil be a god whel for you people at least

Title has me chuckling

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Im mean com on communes is for losers but il whant to make a commun empire in space maiby start a galactic cold wat

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Umm, ackalualkly, if the soviet union hadn’t launched their funny satellites, the jfk wouldn’t care about space and we wouldn’t have the man on the moon, not to mention they launched the first satellite, first animal, first man, first woman, first moon probe, first (and only) probe to land on venus and a ton of other important stuff

Shut up it whas the usa

USA USA USA USA aovent is communest crap

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I think we could have “Base Ideologies” and “Ideology Changers” For example, the base ideology could be socialism, and the modifier could be “Democracy” or “Dictatorship” The base ideologies could be communism, socialism, anarchism, fascism, monarchism, theocracy, capitalism and centrism

I mentioned this years ago in a different thread, but I still believe that your government type should be based off of the species that it comes from. Why would animals that had packs with dominant alphas be egalitarian? And different governments should work differently for different species to. But this topic is very complex so I don’t want to go into that to deeply

Provincies being treated as separate “packs”

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The same idea could be used for eusocial creatures which have colonies and satellite colonies.

As someone who’s been learning a lot about how goverments work and how ideologies work. All of this just sounds funny. But I’m going to give some simple stuff.
You can be far right and still democratic or have high semblance of freedom. As is the same with far left ideologies. You can have authotarian centrist and not be contrarian.

and in non-human societies?

If you mean non-human like, because even if it’s not likely to happen. It is still possible. Human-like sociaties can happen.
But god knows how will advanced hiveminds will look like.
Can there even be other types of goverment in such socieaties?
I’m not sure how will pack lead advanced goverments work. Even though the whole alpha/beta/omega theory/system is not 100% true. Because packs are lead mostly by alphas. There is another question could pack lead communities go further then awakening stage? I mean humans were once in packs, but at one point where you would need to advance it’ll be just useless.