Types of Government

Ah yes, aliens with completely different brain structures converge in the same thinking patterns that creates human societies

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Who’s to say they won’t? I honestly challenge you to come up with a governing system that humans haven’t thought of. And it’s not like we could code some weird Government system that we couldn’t even think of.

Sorry if this seems hostile, I couldn’t find a different way to word it.

I challenge you to immagine a color that doesnt exist.

Edit: I’m saying that it’s impossible to think what an alien might form as society since we cant change our thinking patterns to he like theirs.

I think that was their point…

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Yes it was, I wish I could think of a new color or an alternative governing system, but it’s impossible

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Yeah, but thrive is guided evolution simulator, so who’s not to say that someones gonna try human-like organisms and societies. I mean the possibilities are endless but we are not talking about randomness here, we have a game where you can create to your liking anything in your creature. So why isn’t a dude trying to create a human-like species?
Also as the other guy said it’s impossible for a human to think of a goverment made by species.

Related to the discussion above, what about implementing in the game forms of government that have been proposed in history but never materialized in the real world?

(For example, Locke’s separation of powers of two branch, Kant’s world government, etc.)

It’s a simple example, but communism was never implemented in practice.


Well, are there any other examples of governments that weren’t implemented?

I’m sure there are more examples of theorized government types than there are government types that were actually attempted.

alien marx ! yeah!
*here should have some soviet music

what about martian zedong, or kim il grox, or joseph alien?

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all communist country leaders huh.
good idea.
but the point is-why grox?
in thrive, as you know, there’s no creature called grox now :slight_smile:
of course we know that you are saying about the great evil empire from spore
but for now, there’s no any of proof that grox will appear in thrive.
one more thing,
do u really think that grox will be communists?

Grox would anhilitionist or something like that. Bassically destruction of all organical life.

It would definitely not be diplomat.

and bees would be even more communist than communism


but bees do not have intelligence.
They are just at about aware stage. they can not build societies.


but they work in a hive mind, I got the idea from a political compass meme about animals that I saw
bees have no individuality, and work for the greater good, just like communism

Except they dont work in an hivemind? They just work to make eachother live and not for money.


but you get the point:
low indivuality plus high equality, with one above all the other ones