Types of Government

It should have been obious that I wasn’t using them in their full traditional meaning. A non facist democracy can be those things too.

Monarchy: There is no infighting.
Oligarchy: There is infighting

this is how infighting is prevented

monarch+bureaucracy (ruling class) has (theoreticly) infinite authority, but in practice, they don’t. They can’t order the peasents to do anything.

I went on that tangent because I reference absolute power 3 sentences later.

I didn’t think that all the ideologies that are called facist in real life wanted to abolish hierarchies. I defined a hypotetical word spelled as “facism” that means “abolishing hierarchies”[1] . I think it is a useful word and it fits the etymology of facism.

It just lists things authoriterianism is associated with. Authority just means power and power can be used to maintain or abolish hierarchies.

Lets say that there is a democracy and it keeps being a democracy

If the rulers are elected, it wouldn’t be permenant so there wouldn’t be a ruler class.

If elections stop, the ideology may look exactly like the previous ideology(such as facism) and it could still be popular for the time being but the ones in charge would start to form a ruling class.

“removal of hierarchies” is “uses force”, as such it exists only in “when there is no ruling class that would oppose the removal of hierarchies”

  1. and also different cultures because if people see each other as different their relationships can become hierarchical ↩︎

Yeah, if people talk about a specific ideology using the definition of that is very much required. If people want to talk about authoritarianism with some specific features, then that should be talked about rather than trying to twist an existing well-defined term to mean something it doesn’t.

@50gens please stop trying to argue about the meanings of words. In Thrive we will go with whatever Wikipedia gives as the definition (or a well known dictionary like Cambridge or what that other big one was I can’t remember right now). And the definitions of terms are not up for debate. You can get back to us if you get Wikipedia to change their page’s definition of fascism.