Unbind tip for the Abilities Bar

When your cell is inside a colony, I think the Abilities Bar should feature a tip on how to unbind.
It could be as simple as changing the button icon as I show in the picture below.


Edit: I am now realising it would be better to show an additional square entirely, as when bound you do have both options - binding again or unbinding.


Yeah I think that would be a good idea so the player realizes that’s something they can do. Though, the unbind should have a different icon for it.

@FuJa0815 and @KasterisK might be able to make this happen.


Should be easy to implement. Just need a fancy icon for this action.


Do you have the source file for the original icon? I can modify it myself if needs be.

Despite my best efforts, the art people usually just give us PNGs, or at best SVG files. So, probably no.

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Actually, most of the times an SVG file is good enough. So you can hit me up with that, depending on whether the art team wants and needs help or they don’t.

In this case I don’t remember seeing one, though @FuJa0815 might have something as they put the icon in the game.

I’ve opened an issue for this: