Underwater intelligent

I was thinking about underwater intelligents that could build their own tribe and own civilization but how could they get to space,this is very important for intelligent life on water planets and moons like europa to rise to society,industry and space stage,intelligent is easy because we have things like octopus,society is easy too but iron and other metals need fire so how will we get to industry and space stages


BuT wHaT iF wE UsE tHe HyDrYoThErMiCaL vEnTs To SmElTaL tHe MeLtAl


I can’t read turn off the caps

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Here it is in video form:


Buddha have left us,so that why it’s a meme


Can’t metallurgy=no spacey unless uplifty


Nope, i’m outta here


Can’t we just give other alternatives to the main solvent of the planet? from H2O to other such as ammonia (NH3) or hydrogen cyanide (HCN)

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I remember there was a glitch where at the start of the creature stage your nest would be in the ocean, and trying to go on land would end up in getting eaten by the sea monster.
There was also a creature creating glitch that allowed you to place invisible legs on your creature to give it the impression it was swimming through space. You could get a bunch of these and put them in a GA and you had a pretty good underwater level.
I never knew there was a mod that got fully developed, do you have a link?

For some reason all i keep thinking about when i hear underwater civilizations is in star wars with JarJar Binks’ planet/city that was underwater.

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