Unit specializations

Lets talk about unit specializations! So what are yours ideas?

I ll start
Heavy infantry
Weakness : archers
Strong against: anti-cavalry
Advancices: high healt ,high damage
Disadvangices: slow speed,easily out moved

#future-game is the right place to talk about the future game.

I think units should get their properties from the traits of the species and the technology they have unlocked. So as such predefining hard counters is not how I’d imagine the strategy aspect of Thrive to work. Instead you would develop and refine technologies and unit composition to counter your enemies instead of picking some specific type from a list.


I didn’t understand this thread. Only after I read his question on the quick question thread did I realize this was the right place. So I deleted my post and then you replied. I also agree with you.


Yeah it would be quite the anticlimax if you spent hours evolving your species only for them to magically turn into generic units because you advanced a stage.

Also, this thread from the old forum might be useful: http://thrivegame.freeforums.net/thread/1391/squad-editor


I meant in other way that there would be a unit placeholder but you would be customise your own units and you could upgrade them when they become obsolete.

And the placeholder would be in the squad editor where you could drag the units in the placeholder into the squads and create a formation with them

The “unit specialisation” would be given to a unit and it gives it attributes like +20% damage against infantry, +10% defence against artillery…

Please don’t double post, edit instead.
Unit specialization would be made by the player, and would only be affected by the player. You can’t define a unit because you don’t know what the creature is like.
Edit: Strengths and weaknesses would be determined by the player’s technology and physical traits of the creature.
Edit2: I also think you’re focusing on the future game too much. None of these features are 100%.

Ok. But what about the “unit placeholder” or whatever, is it a bit too much? Should I stop posting on this topic?

I can’t really answer that because I don’t understand this topic.