Unusual Biomes & Planet Types

Deserts and forests are cool and all, but what about biomes & planets that aren’t like anything we’ve seen on Earth? Several things i thought of were large underground cave systems, bioluminescence, and planets full of rare resources.

Large cave systems: Immaculate caves that act as the world map. Perhaps the surface of the planet is uninhabitable, giving a reason for cave only life(?). metals would be easier to get, and agriculture would be difficult; unless there are lots of mushrooms and plants that don’t require sun.

Bioluminescence: Everything’s glowing, plants, animals, everything. maybe the planets have long nights and short days(?). Biomes could have variants and colors. Cant think of anything else for this one, I just thought it would look really cool.

Rare resource planets: A planet full of crystals, minerals, metals and anything else just laying around for someone to take. Benefits to this could be early civilization or faster progression through society stages(?). Drawback would be higher chance of an alien invasion and other species reaching society stages quickly too.

anyway, those were just some ideas I had. I’m no scientist so I don’t know if these are even possible or scientifically accurate.


Everything doesn’t necessarily have to glow. Since most life will be in dark caves, creatures wouldn’t waste energy evolving eyes and then bioluminescence, but instead, they might “see” by sound vibrations. In real life, lots of cave creatures are blind or lack eyes.

Yeah, one thing I forgot to add is that the caves would promote echolocation and great hearing. However, bioluminescent creatures are a thing in the darkest part of our oceans. I cannot think of a great reason for bioluminescence on land, except for limited sunlight and long nights. would they still evolve eyes on land even if the world is mostly dark? Would they use some sort of night vision or something else entirely? I’m unsure what kind of eyesight the animals in the abyss have, or if they have any. I’d hate for bioluminescence to be strictly ocean life, but I got nothing. if anyone else had better ideas that’d be great.

I’m not sure if having pre-made types of planets is good. The planet’s type should be influenced by it’s environment, not the other way around. The planet type in that case would be more of a label for the player.


I think the player should have full creation to how their planet and star will start out, but less to how it will progress. Maybe there can be an option in how likely catastrophic events like meteor showers, asteroids, and aliens interference happen?