Unusual technologies

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If we can use dark matter and dark energy to make things not collapse into itself when massive enough, could we build massive space trains and roads with dark energy and dark matter to keep itself from collapsing?


It’d probably be smarter to make it small as possible, though we can use dark energy or space time itself to make it faster.

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Another piece of technology I thought about was making your own artificial star. :thinking: I don’t think it’s possible but if it is then that would be cool.

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The big question is why? It is dangerous, costly, and doesn’t regularly give much benefit other than heat, since solar energy could’ve been out competed by all the raw material in other planets.


that’s a good question actually :thinking:

that’s why i posted this here tho
if it was useful it wouldnt be considered unusual

“Star” here is relative. Stars are balls of gas that go through nuclear fusion to produce energy. So, if you build a fusion plant, would that count as making a star? If you mean literally dumping unbelievably large amounts of gases together to artificially create a star, that is a pretty wasteful idea, as you could just use those gases to make easier to harvest fusion power plants.

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Fitting with the idea of “Unusual tech”, there is a principle in our reality where it is possible for something to have negative mass. What kind of tech could be made with a substance with negative mass? Anti-gravity comes to mind, but I’m sure there’s more that could be done with such a bizarre material.

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Perhaps you could store a ton of stuff into one space by making it into negative matter and then turning in it back into positive matter? That’s one idea I have and I don’t know if it’s possible

I don’t think that this substance will be simple in creating. It evrn may be unstable, then you can forget about something more than few atoms for microseconds. Of course, in future can appear technology to do decay slower, but again we meet the creating problem. To do even grams of this substance you will spend billions of dollars, or even more (and where will you take billions of billions of dollars?). And bigger problem - physical forses. If you, for example, hit the ball with negative mass, it will get the impulse in the direction of the shot. Similar things will happen with gravity, friction and with many other processes where the mass of object has -. I think, we can add it in the Ascension stage, as under the end of space stage. But firstly you’ll should explore a lot of technologies to do easier the creating and storing processes. After it can help in the trading (and spaceindustry as a whole). How much money is spent to buy every time banal fuel? With this technology space will not be so costly.

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When i have ideas for unusual technologies but am too smol brain to actually understand the cost and consequences of them

No seriously, almost all of my ideas here are far too inefficient and costly to even be considered. Guess it shows how much I still don’t understand about tech :laughing:

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Negative Mass is mostly useful for FTL drives like wormholes and Alcubierre drives. Negative mass is the only thing that could allow a wormhole to stay open instead collapsing under its own weight.

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Wasn’t that antimatter, which is something different from negative mass? (As it still has positive mass.) I’m not sure though, so correct me if I’m wrong.

Antimatter doesn’t have negative mass.
It’s theorized that you need negative mass to make stable wormholes (or make them big enough for stuff to pass through), but I don’t think like anything is known about stuff that could have negative mass.

In theory, a particle and its anti-particle (for example, a proton and an antiproton) have the same mass, but opposite electric charge and other differences in quantum numbers. For example, a proton has positive charge while an antiproton has negative charge.

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Negative mass is one of those particles like tachyon particles which have been theorized, but which would also create numerous weird scenarios that don’t exactly match with our theories of physics. (The example on wikipedia was that negative mass would repel positive matter, while positive matter would attract positive matter, creating a consistent force from the negative particle to the positive particle. (The total energy would remain constant however))

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But tachyon doesn’t have negative mass?

Looks like wikipedia says that tachyons would have imaginary mass (or in some models it would be a real number but AFAIK not negative).

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I meant it more as ‘both are particles which have been theorized but have no reason to exist in our model of the universe’, not as both having negative mass.

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Isn’t it exotic matter that actually has negative mass?
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