Using Editors Independently

Will we have the option to make creatures outside of a game. Spore had the ability to enter any editor from the main menu. Will Thrive do the same?

The cell editor in free build mode almost made it into the game, but stuff happened so it is still waiting to be put into game. So maybe already in the next release you will be able to enter the cell editor from the menu. And I think once future editors are done they will also be accessible in free build mode.

That would actually be usefull for practice in making usefull organisms in the main game, i would use it often.

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I know this was abandoned a long time ago, but I have a problem with implementing free editors, specifically the creature editor. If you have a free editor, it can work outside of evolution, which means you can add whatever you want. So what if you make a creature with 8 arms, 3 mouths and 1 leg, for absolutely no reason. You would normally be stopped by evolution, but the free editor removes those boundaries. Is there a workaround to this Iโ€™m not seeing, or am I making this too big a deal?

The point of being able to independently enter any of the editors is to make completely crazy stuff. I think weโ€™ll implement some restrictions like for example if you use the freebuild editor you cannot advance in the game, just make a bunch of edits. So that people who want to complete the game, could not cheat.

But people really seem to want to make really crazy creations.


Oh ok, that makes more sense. Re-reading what I wrote, it looks like I made a fuss over nothing really. Thanks for clearing that up.

This isnโ€™t necessarily about the editor, but there should be an option to roam around and hunt for food in the test drive mode. In spore, the test drive always lacked the ability to see how your animal actually worked.

Something I really want to be able to do is create a creature using free editors that are unlocked with god mode after ascension, and put it on a terraformed planet and see how it could survive in that environment and over time, evolve.

I donโ€™t see what you mean. In test drive, you can make it move around and see how the babies look. But if you want to see the creatureโ€™s abilities in action, you have to go on the parts mode and click on the stats. It will play a quick animation of the ability you chose, so for example, picking lvl. 4 bite how your creature would bite ingame, in this case, 4-5 times.

No I mean control them as they walk
around, and hunting etc. similar to playing with them, except no hunger, leveling, health.

Oh, so youโ€™d have a sorta test dummy which you can attack and stuff?

Yes, the test drive could also include animals on the planet to attack. Think of playing the actual game except no evolution or health.

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