[v0.5.6.1] Banana Biome mod

Banana Biome!

I was looking for an idea to make my first mod.
Fascinated by Thrive’s memetic history, I went and played 0.4.0 until I found it… the fabled Banana Biome! I then tried to replicate it: with this mod, all biomes feature the classic, beatiful and ripe black-striped yellow background!




Dropbox link (updated) (no Steam)

If this is your first time installing a mod:

  1. Download from the link above
  2. Open game;
  3. Go to Extras → Mods;
  4. Click the “Open Folder” button;
  5. Unzip the the file in your mods folder;
  6. Return to game and use the built-in mod loader to load the mod;
  7. Go bananas!

This shouldn’t clash with any existing mod, except ones that also modify biome backgrounds. Modified folders: .import, asset/textures/background.


This really hurts my eyes, Good job!

also the dropbox link does not work?

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Oh bother! I’ll fix it immediately.

in your mod info you list the pck file as “BananaBiome.pck” but the file is actually ‘bananabiome.pck’, while it works on my pc it might not work on other pc’s, so you should change either the file name or the mod info to match

also my game crashed when i tried to unload the mod and it due to a bug with my ThriveHarmony mod


That’ll only work on Windows. I’ll open an issue about trying to detect that.

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Oof, clumsy me :cold_sweat:
I’ll re-upload the mod and update the link.