I think it would be a good idea to make it so when vacuoles are placed next to each other they combine into one large one increasing with each placed this would make it more visually pleasing and realistic sense vacuoles are usaly one large one instead of multiple small ones and functional so if you want more of an agent to be injected with a pillus just combine two.

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I reckon they should also be very heavy organelles, as animal cells usually don’t have very large ones, but plant cells have enormous ones.

Should only be if the player designates them that way IMO, since vacuoles will be set by the player to store different things (to prevent infuriating compound buildup causing rare compounds to be thrown away).

is that what they disided to go with, then ya what they said
(also you dont need to quote the whole post just click reply) :grin:

Sorry, no Idea why I did that.

its all good

No, we didnt choose to go that route, we may go that route eventually but right now its looking unlikely that we will specialize vacuoles

that’s what I thought

Wait, so throwing away rare compounds whenever we run out of room for common compounds will never be fixed?


No, that’s not what I’m saying, we changed it so each compound is now stored individually, Eg you have a set amount of storage for each based on your capacity, for example if you have a vacuole and nothing else you would get storage for exactly 25 each, they no longer take up each other’s space. You now have equal space for all compounds. So there is no need to dump compounds ever.


ayyyy w00t!

I do kinda like the idea of vacuoles combining, even if it’s just an aesthetic thing. It might be hard to implement though