Variety of Physical Conditions in patches

The patches have little variety in their conditions. The concentration of compounds is at essentially 4% in every patch aside from the vents. Iron and sulfide is all that has any major change. And atmospheric conditions do not change at all. I propose the concentration of compounds is lower in the surface patches where you can essentially live forever from photosynthesis, to add a reason to stay in the depths.

and for the ice shelf sunlight should be much lower, maybe 8-12%, with a higher concentration of compounds to set a reason to be there.

It’s a work in progress, as the game progresses, I’m sure we’ll see more and more features like this

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I’m pretty certain the current patch map is just a placeholder.
Changing some arbitrary concentrations of compounds doesn’t seem necessary when patches are planned to be procedurally generated, As well as dynamic.


I feel like I posted this very recently somewhere, but I’ll say it here as well: we want to have the great oxygenation event which is when the oxygen levels start to rise (before that they will all be 0):


TLDR : is this a scripted and mandatory event?

Oxidation event happened due to one organism learnt to produce food from sunlight, and started spitting out oxygen.

Now, the question is will it happen regardless of the player getting parts that can actually make use of sunlight.

Or it will only happen when Player do have those parts. Hence causing the event.

I think it’s very likely that auto-evo will discover photosynthesis if the player doesn’t as it is basically free energy that no species uses, so it’s very much encouraged for at least one species to get a thylakoid.

That’s good.

Though, oxygen presence was toxic for those organisms which were present at that time.

So Will it be like a damage per turn?
Total HP will be less as Oxygen increases?

If the implementation hasn’t been planned, then damage per turn seems to be a more interactive solution.

Like about a billion things, that hasn’t been designed yet, it’s been discussed a bit, but I don’t remember that discussion coming to a conclusion.

Oxygen would likely be part of the environmental tolerances mechanics, where the further the player is out of their tolerance range (Determined by parts/upgrades/etc), the less efficient their cells become.

Ideally, the change would be gradual enough to pressure players to adapt, but not too fast so that they immediately die if they don’t immediately recognize the threat.


Oh, so does that mean were gonna have generalist and specialist species?

Yes ideally both will be an option. My hope is that Thrive will reflect reality, where specialist species benefit from increased efficiency but are as a result more vulnerable to changing conditions, where as generalist species are less efficient but are more readily adaptable.

You might already recognize this when it comes to diets in the cell stage.


I wish to make the best anaerobic species so that it can flourish, and then then die during oxidation period. Which then be converted into oil and coal for the future.

All things are perfect.