Viruses and parasites

Super creative thinking time:
So I’m assuming viruses are planned (I would like to see that in microbe stage), I’m more worried about world ending kind of stuff here. So could super viruses evolve that might begin wiping planets off the planet? This would not be an event but a thing that happens naturally (auto-evo like everything else).

I kinda want to play as a parasitic organism but one that can take over creatures. My dream thing to play as would be a Thing like creature that doesn’t have a true form but mimics other creatures that it has killed and infects other life forms slowly replacing their cells with it’s cells until they become another Thing. Imagine if something auto-evoed into that and you had to watch out for them on the aware stage.

Skip a bit farther to half of this, just wanted a visual aid.

What if a zombie like virus started because of a fungus, like what happens to ants, or maybe a parasite that takes over a creatures mind. Dealing with zombies as an animal, a tribe, or an advanced empire, this could happen anytime naturally.


I think viruses have been addressed as being “annoying” and “unavoidable” in the microbe stage, but I would definitely be interested in seeing something like this ingame, even as an optionable hard mode.


Viruses were said to be random events over actual things that are moving and evolving. I say they could just make tiny dots and call them viruses even though that would still be too big realistically, but that’s still super small and adds viruses to the game so they can evolve like everything else but just a bit slower so we don’t get super viruses very early on.

Well, they would still be everywhere, and would make the microbial stage frustrating and unenjoyable on the whole

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Cells evolve ways to fight viruses, otherwise all life on Earth would have gone extinct because of them. I say viruses should be colored and each color means different danger levels with only the most dangerous and rare viruses being able to 1 hit if you don’t have a great defense against them.

I think viruses should take different amounts of time to kill their host, with some being slow enough to be pumped out as fast as they are made.

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Unless I am mistaken (which lets face it is probably true), super viruses is the term used when talking about viruses that evolved resistance against antibodies. I’m too lazy to check though so correct me if I’m wrong.