Vote please

this is a voteing game where you vote on what happed on the sounds you hear

last time i did this type of game someone said i was clearly spamming or trolling

bwak bwak “is this 911? there is a car accdent here!” “oh no! the cars are burning!” “yum!”

  • a cat ate a vase
  • a rope ate a cat
  • a desk ate a rope
  • car accident

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would be very hilarious if there was an “all of the above” option

I moved this to #forum-games as this doesn’t really qualify as #other-creativity because like you said “this is a voteing game”.

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how is this even a game when you say exactly what happens in the text?

it’s more like a trivia game than a choose your own story game i’m guessing

if i dont then you don’t know what to pick

but why make it so obvious?
it should be somewhat easy to make it more subtle and not tell the answer to the readers

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i can’t edit it:(

i meant that you should do this for future rounds of the game